Heritage Goods & Supply

A curated country store for man, woman, & child


Heritage Goods & Supply is the latest development from the founders of Women's Heritagea blog and series of workshops that help bring elements of the homestead to everyday life. After two years of providing workshops ranging from sourdough to foraging to cow milking classes the founders, Ashley Moore, Lauren Malloy and Emma Moore  realized there was a need for a lifestyle store where people could come and find the goods they need to make jam, do natural dye projects, get set up with beekeeping and much more. There are a range of classes and community events in the store space and customers are able to find unique products, locally sourced artisan goods and functional clothing, all of which help bring elements of the homestead, home!

 “We want our customers to be empowered and to have options,  do they want to buy the local jam or do they want to learn to preserve themselves, do they want to buy the beautiful hand carved wood spoon or do they want to get the tools and the books and learn to carve themselves?” says Emma Moore one of the store’s co founders. Emma is a home cook and has been teaching classes from sourdough bread baking to kimchi making to preserving.  She has developed the store’s kitchen section with hard to find supplies, pottery and cookbooks including books on cheese and bread making.  She is available throughout the week for any questions and can help get the right kitchen equipment for their projects.

For Ashley Moore, folk herbalist and co-founder, "Heritage Goods and Supply" is all about connection. "Connecting customers to what we are making, eating, putting on our skin or in our bodies or otherwise using; connection to the earth and ultimately with one another." says Ashley, who has studied with master herbalists Susun Weed and Rosemary Gladstar has been teaching classes ranging from natural dyeing with local plants to how to create an herbal medicine basket to foraging and feasting. Ashley has carefully created the store's herbal, beauty and garden sections where customers will be able to purchase an assortment of herbs and the necessary accompanying ingredients and books needed to make herbal remedies at home, take on a natural dye project or even work in the garden. For customers who just want the finished product Ashley has developed a skin care line for our store and has chosen an array of other amazing beauty products ranging from facial streams to felted soaps to body scrubs that are sure to delight. She is available for all of your herbal, beauty and garden questions and needs throughout the week. 

Co-founder Lauren Malloy brings her love of raising and caring for animals to Heritage Goods & Supply in a way that is accessible and fun.  From the baby chicks and chicken coops, to the beekeeping supplies, organic feed and owl boxes, Lauren can get you set up to confidently care for animals at home.  Whether you live in an urban setting or on a rural ranch, there is something for everyone.  Lauren holds a degree in Animal Science, works on a local cattle ranch and milks her own cows daily. "Having animals can change your life," she says with a smile.  "I love being able to share my passion of animals through the store." She is available during the week to answer any questions you may have. 

Together the ladies are a homesteading powerhouse and their skills and passions shine through in every element of their business.  The brick and mortar store is a combination of their individual hobbies and inspirations, blending nicely to create a country store that will get you inspired to dig in and make something new!