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Plants Are Magic Magazine • Volume 2

Plants Are Magic is a magazine for makers, dreamers and plant lovers. It's a celebration of botanical creativity and explores the human relationship with plants.

The topic for Vol. 2 is "local plants" with an autumn/winter theme.

104 pages of plant-based art, craft, food, healing, interviews, stories, experiences, recipes and tutorials. Independently published by Rebecca Desnos in the UK and proudly ad-free.

Highlights from this magazine:

- learn how to make paint from homemade plant dyes
- make a wall sculpture with fir needles
- read interviews with botanical artists, a natural dyer, a florist and herbalist
- forage and make your own herbal incense and smudge sticks
- grow microgreens on your windowsill
- find out why it's healthier to eat locally grown food
- read about the magic of biodynamic growing
- make a plant mandala and engage with the nature that surrounds you
- read personal stories from different artists and herbalists from around the world
- self-care beauty recipes using seasonal plants
- tasty recipes for huckleberry scones, nettle pesto and autumnal tea blends